About Adirondack Live Steamers, Inc.

The Greatest Little Railroad in the Northeast

Nestled back in the woods of Saratoga Springs, NY is the Greatest Little Railroad in the Northeast, the Adirondack Live Steamers. ALS is a private, members only club. But we love to share our hobby and welcome guests by invitation and hope that you too will become a member.

Our 7 ¼” railroad consists of miles of track on 39 acres that meander through a lush and scenic forest of tall pines. It’s the closest thing to a real functioning railroad but on a much smaller scale. Along the rails you’ll discover two trestle bridges, operating signal lights, three covered tunnels, girder bridges, sidings, as well as two rail yards. See the ALS Map for our track layout.

Amenities at ALS

Near the entrance is a hydraulic lift to easily load and unload trains. There you’ll also have access to a transfer table and turn table to move your train to and from the line, work on or cool down your engines.

All along the rails are private storage buildings. Members can store their locomotives and/or rolling stock in the Car Barn, Engine House or storage container for an annual fee. See our form for more details: ALS Engine House & Carbarn Space Reservation Form

The ALS depot is our place to gather for meetings but also for great meals and camaraderie. The depot has a large kitchen, dining space, restrooms, and a library. We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner during our Meets. We also have regularly scheduled events such as our Family Day Picnic and our annual Winter Banquet.

Tents and campers are welcome on our premises for our overnight guests. Guests are welcome to use the bathrooms and shower in our depot.

You don’t have to own a train to enjoy Adirondack Live Steamers

Our members delight in providing train rides to passengers of all ages. We have a few trains belonging to the club that may be available for members to use. But we warn you…once you’ve experienced ALS, you’ll want a locomotive of your own…it’s a train lover’s dream!

If you are new to the hobby, ALS members have a wealth of knowledge that can help you decide which type of train is best suited for you and point you in a direction for purchasing or repairs.

Gauge One Fun

Additionally, ALS has a track layout under a canopy inside Tanglefoot designed for Gauge One trains. So if you own any G gauge trains be sure to bring them the next time you visit and enjoy running them with others. The layout includes two loops, each roughly 200’ around. One is the “ground loop”, which is single tracked, but is electrified. That means you can run electric G gauge trains on it. It also has a yard area where you can turn off the power to each track and park a train. The other loop is the “elevated loop”, which is dual tracked, but is “dead rail” meaning there is no electric power to it, so it is mainly for live steam or battery powered models. Recent renovations include a tunnel, retaining wall, and lift-out for easy access.

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