The Winter Banquet Approaches!

Hello everyone!

Our annual Winter Banquet is coming up next Saturday, February 10th in the clubhouse at ALS. This winter hasn’t been too bad with snowfall but what we have had has been in a constant freeze and thaw cycle. Our driveway and walkways around the building are pretty slick right now. This makes for moving around the club a bit dangerous, and anyone who visits the club should be careful both driving and walking around the premises.

In preparation for the Winter Banquet, we will be having a truck sand the driveway and parking area a day or two before banquet day. But the walkways will need to be treated along with any other touch up work to make things safe for all.

We are seeking your help to ensure the area around the club house and parking areas are adequately sanded and salted. You can help by bringing some sand and/or salt over to the club that can be used to cover the icey walkways and to supplement the driveway sanding.

Local DPWs typically have sand available for their residents free of charge, so all you would need to do is to stop with a bucket (or two) and a shovel, fill the bucket and bring it to the club for use.

We have been told that the Wilton DPW (for those that are local) is a good source for our location, all that’s needed is a bucket and a shovel!

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help out and we look forward to seeing you at the 2018 Winter Banquet!.

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