The 2019 Season is Fast Approaching!

Hello everyone! The snow is beginning to melt and the time is approaching where our trains can be brought out of hibernation. That also means the spring work season is fast approaching. We hope to begin seeing you at the club, beginning with normal springtime work activities such as clearing/repairing track, turning the lights on, putting out the chairs and picnic tables, setting up the tents, etc.

In addition, we have quite a bit of material organizing to do, and it would be helpful if anyone would keep some eyes out for good, usable hardwood pallets. Having forks for our tractor, we can now use these pallets to better store and move various materials around the property. So if you see any pallets in good, usable condition, please bring them with you and drop them off at the club along side the engine house, between the engine house and new machine shop. There is currently track panels stacked there which will also be moved.

Thanks! And we look forward to seeing you for a very exciting 2019 season at ALS!


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