The 2018 Spring Meet Approaches!

Our next major gathering of the year is just around the corner, the 2018 Spring meet! This year, we will be honoring one of our founding members, Tom Rhodes! Feel free to come and join us as we celebrate Tom, his family and all of his contributions over the years to ALS. You might even get to see him riding around too!

As you browse our website and the information within, you may find it difficult to figure out where we are located. That’s because by definition we are a club who invites those who are interested in our hobby to come and experience our wonderful place in the woods.

If you are interested in receiving an invitation, on this site you will find the board members’ contact information. Feel free to contact one or many of them and they will help you with where ALS is located and when the ideal time is to come and join the festivities!

We hope to see you all soon at ALS! Don’t forget to checkout our facebook back for more real-time updates and pictures from all the fun going on around the club.


  1. Joseph-Jean Paques


    As a member of the Montreal Livesteamers, I expect to visit you for next fall meeting. Is this ok for you? What should I do to be registred? I intend to arrive friday mid day and leave saturday end of afternoon.
    I have been visiting you in the past on several occasions and appreciate very much your layout and facilities.
    Thank you for your answer
    Joseph Jean Paques, MLS member

    • Dan


      Hi! You are absolutely welcome to join us for the weekend! When you arrive there is a booth near the front of the engine house, across from the loading lift. There should be someone there to greet you and get you registered. If not, feel free to come in and ask the nearest person who you see with a name tag and we’ll be sure to get you registered and assist you in getting settled for the weekend. We look forward to seeing you there!

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