The 2018 Spring Meet Approaches!

Our next major gathering of the year is just around the corner, the 2018 Spring meet! This year, we will be honoring one of our founding members, Tom Rhodes! Feel free to come and join us as we celebrate Tom, his family and all of his contributions over the years to ALS. You might even

The Winter Banquet Approaches!

Hello everyone! Our annual Winter Banquet is coming up next Saturday, February 10th in the clubhouse at ALS. This winter hasn’t been too bad with snowfall but what we have had has been in a constant freeze and thaw cycle. Our driveway and walkways around the building are pretty slick right now. This makes for

The 2018 Winter Banquet is coming!

As the cold months begin to become long, and as we check the light bulbs in our smoke boxes, the time has come to touch base with our friends of old and new and make sure we are all surviving the hiatus from the clickity clack we love from running along the rail. The festivities

Welcome to the New ALS website!

The ALS website has been stale for a long time, and it has finally received a makeover!  Feel free to check out the new digs, links, photo galleries, news reels and events calendar!